Bylaws Amendment Proposal

Posted about 4 years ago by Charisma Bailey

NETNPA Bylaws Amendment Proposal
August 2, 2015

As it stands, we do not currently take online payment for dues. Dues are to be paid by the third Thursday in January of every year for annual membership running from January 1 to December 31, despite timing of prior payment. If we were to start taking online payments, we would be changing our due date for dues from "the third Thursday in January" to "on each member's anniversary date". The group expressed interest in taking online payments in an effort to simplify payment, and boost paid membership (especially mid or late year memberships). In order for this to occur, the bylaws would need to be amended.
The Board of Directors proposes the following changes:

To amend Article II Section 1: Strike out "no later than the third (3) Thursday in January" and add "no later than the member's annual anniversary date"

To amend Article II Section 2: Strike out "January 1 though December 31" and add "Annually, according to the member's anniversary date"

Please Reference:

Amendments: Any proposed amendments to these Articles and By-Laws shall be initiated by the Board of Directors and will be made available to the membership.

The treasurer has been in contact with he moderators of the ENP network website, and there are of course some costs associated with this process. Please see below correspondence concerning our costs. Of note, there are only per-transaction fees, no fees are due if we do not have a payment coming in or if someone pays cash/check.

Member Management Pro is strictly a 'pay for performance' model.  There are:

-Zero Yearly Administration Fees
-Zero Monthly Administration Fees
-Zero Set-up Fees
-Zero Customer Service Fees
-Zero Minimum Performance Requirements

How it Works:  A transactional fee of $3.50 is applied when a new member joins your organization or renews their existing membership.  All charges are invoiced at the close of each month.


January Membership Activity:

*5 new members join
*5 existing members renew

Your January Invoice:  $3.50 x 10 membership transactions = $35.00

*Please consider that you will incur a separate transactional fee through your payment gateway of choice (i.e. PayPal, Stripe, Affinipay).

(1) Affinipay (Recommended) -
• 2.8% +$00.20 per transaction
• No contract
• No fixed monthly/set-up fees
• Excellent customer service & live phone support
• Money is transferred to your bank account within 2 days from the date of the charge.

Our total loss between current membership and the new system with fees is less than $5 per transaction ($3.50+0.98+0.20=4.68). In correspondence with the website representative, he reported that all groups who utilized this service experienced "unequivocal growth". The $5 per membership loss would likely be offset by the increase in membership, or we could raise our dues by $5 a year.

Please feel free to reach out to an officer if you have questions, or email We will vote on this during our elections in November.


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