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Legislative Alert – Senate bill 344

Posted over 7 years ago



The Tennessee Nurses Association urges you to contact the members of the Senate General Welfare Committee to express your strong support for TNA Sponsored bill, SB 344/HB 299. The bill is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, at 10:00 a.m. in Legislative Plaza Room 12. Please make every effort to contact Legislators before the day of committee meeting.  Talking points and contact information for committee members are listed below.


The term advanced practice registered nurse comprises the following professional nurses: Certified Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists and Certified Nurse-Midwives.  This bill changes the statute ONLY where the term refers to all four categories. 

This change does not impact your professional designation.  Nurse Practitioners and other APRNs will still use their certification title as their professional designation. 

APRN Consensus Work Group & the National Council of State Boards of  Nursing APRN Advisory Committee's definition of an Advanced Practice  Registered Nurse (APRN) is a nurse: 

1. who has completed an accredited graduate-level education program  preparing him/her for one of the four recognized APRN roles;

2. who has passed a national certification examination that measures  APRN, role and population-focused competencies and who maintains  continued competence as evidenced by recertification in the role and  population through the national certification program;

3. who has acquired advanced clinical knowledge and skills preparing  him/her to provide direct care to patients, as well as a component of  indirect care; however, the defining factor for all APRNs is that a significant component of the education and practice focuses on direct  care of individuals;

4. whose practice builds on the competencies of registered nurses  (RNs) by demonstrating a greater depth and breadth of knowledge, a  greater synthesis of data, increased complexity of skills and interventions, and greater role autonomy;


5. who is educationally prepared to assume responsibility and  accountability for health promotion and/or maintenance as well as the  assessment, diagnosis, and management of patient problems, which

 includes the use and prescription of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions;


6. who has clinical experience of sufficient depth and breadth to  reflect the intended license; and


7. who has obtained a license to practice as an APRN in one of the  four APRN roles: certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), certified  nurse-midwife (CNM), certified  clinical nurse specialist (CNS), or certified  nurse practitioner (CNP).


Senate General Welfare Committee Members 

Sen. Rusty Crowe, Chair

Phone (615) 741-2468


Sen. Bo Watson
Phone (615) 741-3227


Sen. Kerry Roberts, Secretary
Phone (615) 741-1999


Sen. Stacey Campfield
Phone (615) 741-1766


Sen. Ophelia Ford
Phone (615) 741-1767


Sen. Douglas Henry
Phone (615) 741-3291


Sen. Roy Herron
Phone (615) 741-4576


Sen. Randy McNally
Phone (615) 741-6806


Sen. Doug Overbey
Phone: (615) 741-0981


Thank you for taking action to support this TNA Sponsored legislation!


Cheri Glass


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Managing Editor, Tennessee Nurse

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