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NETNPA Officer Election Results and Other Updates

Posted 23 days ago

Congratulations to our new officers!

Amanda Beach has been elected for the role of Vice President and Angela Flemmer has been re-elected for the role of Treasurer.

Many THANKS to Sherry Williams who has served as our Vice President for the past 2 years.  Ms. Williams has been instrumental in her role and has worked diligently finding NETNPA meeting sponsors and working with those sponsors to create an enriching learning experience for our members.  She has also worked with the NETNPA Board to help navigate the challenges we have faced as an organization during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you again for your service!

Thank you to those of you who voted and participated in our NETNPA election.

Other News

Fall 2020 Scholarship: Upon review of applications for the Fall 2020 $500 scholarship award, we are proud to announce that Traci Childress has been selected as a recipient of our Fall 2020 scholarship.  

Ms. Childress is an ETSU PMHNP certificate program student who currently teaches Nursing at Northeast State.  Her goal is to help fulfill the much needed mental health need in our area.  Congratulations!

Merchandise:  NETNPA currently has an online store for NETNPA merchandise.  The current "campaign" closes today, so please place your order so that you will receive your items in a timely fashion.  We are new to this and believe that the merchandise will continue to be available once this current “campaign” closes, but are not 100% sure how that works.  We will just have to wait and see!  

October Meeting Reminder:  Please remember that we will have an online ZOOM meeting the 3rd Thursday of October.  The meeting start time will be 6:30pm and a link will be sent closer to the meeting date.