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Leadership positions open DEADLINE approaching

Posted 2 months ago

Nominations are now open for Vice President and Treasurer of Northeast Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association. It is a two-year commitment. You must be a member in good standing to be on the ballot.  You can nominate someone or self nominate.   

DEADLINE for submission to be on the ballot is Friday, September 4, 2020.

Per our bylaws these are the responsibilities of each office:

"The Vice President shall preside over the Board of Directors and the General Membership meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall succeed the president in the event that the office is vacated before the term has expired. The Vice President shall assist the President in all tasks and coordination with regard to the Northeast Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association. In addition, the Vice President shall serve in the following leadership roles: Program Coordinator, Educational Liaison."

"The Treasurer shall have custody of the Association's bank account and funds. The Treasurer shall keep accounts belonging to the Association containing complete and accurate records of all receipts and disbursements. The treasurer shall ensure that all required documentation is filed appropriately and meets all accounting procedures according to the law. The treasurer ensures all necessary paperwork is submitted to the Association's designated accountant in a timely fashion to meet deadlines of the tax code. The Treasurer will also be charged with Maintenance of Association membership records."

If you have any questions or want to submit a nominee, please contact Alicia Frasure, President, at  If you nominated someone through our recent survey, please send that information to Alicia   

Thank you!


Alicia Frasure 17 days ago

If you nominated someone on Survey Monkey please contact me via the email listed above. Please remember that the nominee should be a member of our organization in order to be listed on the ballot.
If you nominate someone, please include their contact information so that we can verify that they are interested in the position.
Thank you!

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