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**Link Fixed** Clemson University School of Nursing--Appalachian American Alliance of Nurse Practitioners (AAANP)--Free CME Opportunity

Posted 2 months ago by Alicia Frasure


I trust that you are well. I’m leading a taskforce of Clemson University School of Nursing faculty and staff developing a network for nurse practitioners practicing in Appalachian counties.  

We would like to invite all nurse practitioners affiliated with the Northeast Tennessee Nurse Practitioners Association practicing in Appalachian counties to join us in Fall 2020 for a free Appalachian nurse practitioner education series as we lay the groundwork for the Appalachian American Alliance of Nurse Practitioners (AAANP). During this education series, we will offer 10 continuing education credits, professional development, and networking opportunities for nurse practitioners practicing in Appalachia.  

We hope that you are willing to help us promote this network and education series to your organization.  

Please freely share the below information.  

Nurse practitioners are invited to join a new network for nurse practitioners practicing in the Appalachian region. As part of this network, the Clemson University School of Nursing is offering a free of charge virtual education series that will include 10 CEUs on: 

  • Pharmacology with Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald (3 Pharmacology CEUs) 
  • Health disparities and cultural competence with Dr. Ora Strickland (1. 5 Nursing CEUs) 
  • Trauma-informed care and substance abuse with Dr. Mary Ellen Wright (1 Pharmacology CEU and .5 Nursing CEUs) 
  • Opioid-Induced Constipation with Dr. Lucia Gonzales (.5 Nursing CEUs) 
  • Marginalization and health outcomes with Dr. Anne Floyd Koci (1.5 Nursing CEUs) 
  • A health disparities panel led by Dr. Stephanie Davis, Professor, Director of Graduate Programs, Clemson University School of Nursing  and education series synthesis (1 Nursing CEUs)
  • Education Series Synthesis and Information Session on the Appalachian American Alliance of Nurse Practitioners (1 Nursing CEUs) 

For more information about the network and the education series, follow the directions/information below.

This link takes you directly to the Education Series page:

 On this page, you’ll see on the left-hand side, a tab with the alliance webpage.

 Thee direct link to the alliance page is:

Please fill out the interest form on the website to receive updates on the network and education series.  

We look forward to working with nurse practitioners from your health team on the creation of this network that will bring together practice-based clinicians, researchers, and educators.  


Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your time and help with promoting this new opportunity.  




Anne Floyd Koci, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, FAAN  

Clinical Professor 

Distinguished Scholar, Center for Research on Health Disparities 



Alicia Frasure 14 days ago

I am working on getting a better website address since the link in the posting doesn't work. I referred back to the original message and the link does not work there as well. I have contacted Dr. Koci and she will hopefully get back to me with the website address. I will update it as soon as I get her reply. :)

Sherry Love 14 days ago

I’m interested.

Alicia Frasure 13 days ago

The link is fixed now.

Alicia Frasure 8 days ago

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know our registration for the education series is live and the schedule is posted on our website! Please feel free to let your members know.

Thanks so much!



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