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Telehealth Services Offered—Local FNP And Member Of NETNPA

Posted 7 months ago by Alicia Frasure

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to work together to better the health and safety of ourselves, our family, our friends, colleagues, and the general public.

 Attached is a flier from one of our own NETNPA members, Seth McLaughlin, FNP. He provides telehealth services in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and wants to promote healthy social distancing. He offers telehealth services and the attached flier describes his services.

 Please share with any individuals you feel may need healthcare services during this time. Remember isolation and prevention are paramount in preventing the spread of this virus. 

If you have other information you'd like to share please send us an email to the NETNPA email listed in the sidebar.

 I just wanted to share this information as it may be useful and is a service provided by one of our own members and a local colleague.

 Stay healthy. Be wise. Promote prevention.

 Best wishes,
 Alicia Frasure, FNP-BC
 President, NETNPA