Northeast Tennessee Nurse Practitioners Association

November Meeting Sponser Cancelled

Posted about 2 years ago by Lisa Ousley

Dear NETNPA members,

NETNPA ViceĀ  President, Dr. Retha Gentry, had contacted and confirmed our November speaker on two different occasions. Unfortunately, the sponser sent Retha the following message just a few days ago.

Dr. Gentry,

My apologies, but it looks like we will no longer be able to sponsor this meeting. We recently received compliance direction that will not allow us to follow through with having a speaker program for this meeting. Once again, my apologies for the short notice!

Sorry Again,


This creates a difficult and inconvenient situation for us as a professional group. We feel that we have no choice but to cancel our Novemeber meeting. I will share the Novemeber information online.

Please let us know if you have an solutions.

Thank you,

Lisa Ousley NETNPA President